Roasting Guidelines

Once you have decided on your choice of cut to cook it is crucial to get the timing right so that your meat ends up juicy and tender. Bring meat to room temperature before cooking so that it does not contract suddenly when cooking and toughen up.

Preheat the oven to the hottest it will go. Put the joint on a roasting tin. Roast for 20 minutes, then reduce the oven to 180°C/ 350°F/Gas 4

When your roast is taken out of the oven let the joints rest so that the juices can be re absorbed back into the meat. Cover the joint and let rest for up to 30 minutes.

Note: These roasting times are simply guidelines as cooking times may vary from oven to oven. To ensure the perfect roast use our pop-up timers. Simply put the timer into your selected cut at the designated temperature and when the red-eye pops up your meat is cooked.

The perfect roast

Category Oven Temperature
Approx. Cooking
Safe Minimum
Gas 4
20 mins per lb
+ 20 mins over
Gas 4
20 mins per lb + 20 mins over 72°C
Gas 4
20 mins per lb
+ 20 mins over
Gas 4
20 mins per lb
+ 20 mins over

Rare 15 minutes per 450g (1lb) Plus 15 minutes
Medium 20 minutes per 450g (1lb) Plus 20 minutes
Well - Done 25 minutes per 450g (1lb) Plus 30 minutes
NB These Roasting times may vary they are just guidelines as cooking times may vary from cooker to cooker

How to cook the perfect steak

Golden Rules

Bring the meat up to room temperature so it doesn’t suddenly contract when it hits the heat and toughens up. Use an oil which mild flavour and can withstand very high temperatures without burning. Never use butter, unless you want to add a knob at the very end for a creamy finish.

Heats you frying pan or griddle pan before your place your steak in it. Don’t be tempted to put your steak in early, if the oil is too cool, your meat could turn out greasy and under browned. The heat also seals the steak and keeps in the juices.

After the steak is cooked you should let the steak rest at room temperature for at least five minutes – it will stay warm for anything up to 10 minutes. As the steak is let rest the meat meat will reabsorb the free-running juices resulting in a moist and tender finish to your steak. 

Cooking Instructions NB: These Steak times may vary, they are just guidelines.

  • Blue: Should still be a dark colour, almost purple, and just warm.  It will feel spongy with no resistance. 
  • Rare: Dark red in colour with some juice flowing.  It will feel soft and spongy with slight resistance. 
  • Medium-rare: A more pink colour with a little pink juice flowing.  It will be a bit soft and spongy and slightly springy. 
  • Medium: Pale pink in the middle with hardly any juice flowing. It will feel firm and springy. 
  • Well-done: Only a trace of pink colour but not dry.  It will feel spongy and soft and slightly springy. 

It is important to consider the size and weight of your steak before calculating the cooking time.

Here are cooking guidelines based on a 3.5cm thick fillet steak:

  • Blue: About 1½ mins each side
  • Rare: About 2¼ mins each side
  • Medium-rare: About 3¼ mins each side
  • Medium: About 4½ mins each side

Here are cooking guidelines based on 2cm thick sirloin steak:

  • Blue: About 1 min each side
  • Rare: About 1½ mins per side
  • Medium rare: About 2 mins per side
  • Medium: About 2¼ mins per side

For a well-done steak, cook for about 4-5 minutes each side, depending on thickness.

Kitchen Conversions


.C .F Gas
110 225 ¼
120/130 250 ½
140 275 1
150 300 2
160/170 325 3
180 350 4
190 375 5
190 400 6
200 425 7
220 450 8
230 475 9


15g ½oz
25g 1oz
50g 2oz
150g 5oz
225g 8oz
250g 9oz
275g 10oz
350g 12oz
400g 14oz
450g 1lb
900g 2lb